The table below provides a synoptic view of the lists of chemical warfare agents and precursors featured by three international nonproliferation frameworks: the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), the Australia Group (AG), and the Wassenaar Arrangement (WA).

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1. When different names are given in different lists, the CWC name is provided first, followed by the alternative name within parentheses.
2. For entries lacking a CAS Registry Number®, a sequential registry number assigned by Costanzi Research (CR number) is provided instead.
3. For proteins, the UNIPROT ID is provided instead.
4. Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) entry numnber. CWC Schedule 1 entries 1A13 – 1A16 entered into force on June 7, 2020.
5. Australia Group entry number. AG entries 66-87 were added on February 28, 2020.
6. Wassenaar Arrangement (WA) Munitions List 7 (ML7) entry number. For WA entry ML7 b.4.b (Agent Orange), there is a discrepancy between the name, which indicates the free acid form, and the CAS number, which indicates the butyl ester form.
Category Entry Name1 CAS Registry Number® 2 PubChem ID3 CWC Entry Number4 AG Entry Number5 Wassenaar ML7 Entry Number6
Nerve agents O-Alkyl (<=C10, incl. cycloalkyl) alkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr)-phosphonofluoridates CR0001 CWC 1A1 WA ML7 b.1.a
Nerve agents Sarin: O-Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate 107-44-8 7871 CWC 1A1 Example 1 WA ML7 b.1.a Example 1
Nerve agents Soman: O-Pinacolyl methylphosphonofluoridate 96-64-0 7305 CWC 1A1 Example 2 WA ML7 b.1.a Example 2
Nerve agents O-Alkyl (<=C10, incl. cycloalkyl) N,N-dialkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) phosphoramidocyanidates CR0002 CWC 1A2 WA ML7 b.1.b
Nerve agents Tabun:O-Ethyl N,N-dimethyl phosphoramidocyanidate 77-81-6 6500 CWC 1A2 Example 1 WA ML7 b.1.b Example 1
Nerve agents O-Alkyl (H or <=C10, incl. cycloalkyl) S-2-dialkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr)-aminoethyl alkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) phosphonothiolates and corresponding alkylated or protonated salts CR0003 CWC 1A3 WA ML7 b.1.c
Nerve agents VX: O-Ethyl S-2-diisopropylaminoethyl methyl phosphonothiolate 50782-69-9 39793 CWC 1A3 Example 1 WA ML7 b.1.c Example 1
Sulfur mustards 2-Chloroethylchloromethylsulfide 2625-76-5 14557887 CWC 1A4-1 WA ML7 b.2.a.1
Sulfur mustards Mustard gas: Bis(2-chloroethyl)sulfide 505-60-2 10461 CWC 1A4-2 WA ML7 b.2.a.2
Sulfur mustards Bis(2-chloroethylthio)methane 63869-13-6 522107 CWC 1A4-3 WA ML7 b.2.a.3
Sulfur mustards Sesquimustard: 1,2-Bis(2-chloroethylthio)ethane 3563-36-8 19092 CWC 1A4-4 WA ML7 b.2.a.4
Sulfur mustards 1,3-Bis(2-chloroethylthio)-n-propane 63905-10-2 522108 CWC 1A4-5 WA ML7 b.2.a.5
Sulfur mustards 1,4-Bis(2-chloroethylthio)-n-butane 142868-93-7 518918 CWC 1A4-6 WA ML7 b.2.a.6
Sulfur mustards 1,5-Bis(2-chloroethylthio)-n-pentane 142868-94-8 22608774 CWC 1A4-7 WA ML7 b.2.a.7
Sulfur mustards Bis(2-chloroethylthiomethyl)ether 63918-90-1 22608780 CWC 1A4-8 WA ML7 b.2.a.8
Sulfur mustards O-Mustard: Bis(2-chloroethylthioethyl)ether 63918-89-8 45452 CWC 1A4-9 WA ML7 b.2.a.9
Lewisites Lewisite 1: 2-Chlorovinyldichloroarsine 541-25-3 5372798 CWC 1A5-1 WA ML7 b.2.b.1
Lewisites Lewisite 2: Bis(2-chlorovinyl)chloroarsine 40334-69-8 5368106 CWC 1A5-2 WA ML7 b.2.b.2
Lewisites Lewisite 3: Tris(2-chlorovinyl)arsine 40334-70-1 5352143 CWC 1A5-3 WA ML7 b.2.b.3
Nitrogen mustards HN1: Bis(2-chloroethyl)ethylamine 538-07-8 10848 CWC 1A6-1 WA ML7 b.2.c.1
Nitrogen mustards HN2: Bis(2-chloroethyl)methylamine 51-75-2 4033 CWC 1A6-2 WA ML7 b.2.c.2
Nitrogen mustards HN3: Tris(2-chloroethyl)amine 555-77-1 5561 CWC 1A6-3 WA ML7 b.2.c.3
Toxins Saxitoxin 35523-89-8 56947150 CWC 1A7
Toxins Ricin 9009-86-3 P02879 CWC 1A8
Novichok agents P-alkyl (H or <=C10, incl. cycloalkyl) N-(1-(dialkyl(<=C10, incl. cycloalkyl ) amino)) alkylidene( H or <=C10, incl. cycloalkyl) phosphonamidic fluorides and corresponding alkylated or protonated salts CR0004 CWC 1A13
Novichok agents N-(1-(di-n-decylamino)-n-decylidene)-P-decylphosphonamidic fluoride 2387495-99-8 CID Not Assigned CWC 1A13 Example 1
Novichok agents Methyl-(1-(diethylamino)ethylidene)phosphonamidofluoridate 2387496-12-8 132472359 CWC 1A13 Example 2
Novichok agents O-alkyl (H or <=C10, incl. cycloalkyl) N-(1-(dialkyl(<=C10, incl. cycloalkyl ) amino)) alkylidene( H or <=C10, incl. cycloalkyl) phosphonamidofluoridates and Corresponding alkylated or protonated salts CR0005 CWC 1A14
Novichok agents O-n-Decyl N-(1-(di-n-decylamino)-n-decylidene)phosphoramidofluoridate 2387496-00-4 CID Not Assigned CWC 1A14 Example 1
Novichok agents Methyl-(1-(diethylamino)ethylidene)phosphoramidofluoridate 2387496-04-8 132472360 CWC 1A14 Example 2
Novichok agents Ethyl-(1-(diethylamino)ethylidene)phosphoramidofluoridate 2387496-06-0 139033607 CWC 1A14 Example 3
Novichok agents Methyl-(bis(diethylamino)methylene)phosphonamidofluoridate 2387496-14-0 146586254 CWC 1A15
Carbamates (quaternaries of dimethylcarbamoyloxypyridines) 1-[N,N-dialkyl (<=C10)-N-(n-(hydroxyl, cyano, acetoxy) alkyl (<=C10)) ammonio]-n-[N-(3-dimethylcarbamoxy-α-picolinyl)-N,N-dialkyl(≤C10) ammonio]decane dibromide (n=1-8) CR0006 CWC 1A16-1
Carbamates (quaternaries of dimethylcarbamoyloxypyridines) 1-[N,N-dimethyl-N-(2-hydroxy)ethylammonio]-10-[N-(3-dimethylcarbamoxy- α-picolinyl)-N,N-dimethylammonio]decane dibromide 77104-62-2 CID Not Assigned CWC 1A16-1 Example 1
Carbamates (quaternaries of dimethylcarbamoyloxypyridines) 1,n-Bis[N-(3-dimethylcarbamoxy-α-picolyl)-N,N-dialkyl((≤C10) ammonio]-alkane- (2,(n-1)-dione) dibromide (n=2-12) CR0007 CWC 1A16-2
Carbamates (quaternaries of dimethylcarbamoyloxypyridines) 1,10-Bis[N-(3-dimethylcarbamoxy-α-picolyl)-N-ethyl-N-methylammonio]decane-2,9- dione dibromide 77104-00-8 CID Not Assigned CWC 1A16-2 Example 1
Precursor Alkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) phosphonyldifluorides CR0008 CWC 1B9 WA ML7 c.1
Precursor DF: Methylphosphonyldifluoride (AG: Methylphosphonyl difluoride (DF)) 676-99-3 69610 CWC 1B9 Example 1 AG 4 WA ML7 c.1 Example 1
Precursor Ethylphosphonyl difluoride 753-98-0 12585494 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 1B9 AG 23 Not listed individually but member of family WA ML7 c.1
Precursor O-Alkyl (H or <=C10, incl. cycloalkyl) O-2-dalkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr)-aminoethyl alkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) phosphonites and corresponding alkylated or protonated salts CR0009 CWC 1B10 WA ML7 c.2
Precursor QL: O-Ethyl O-2-diisopropylaminoethyl methylphosphonite 57856-11-8 170325 CWC 1B10 Example 1 AG 29 WA ML7 c.2 Example 1
Precursor Chlorosarin: O-Isopropyl methylphosphonochloridate 1445-76-7 102124 CWC 1B11 WA ML7 c.3
Precursor Chlorosoman: O-Pinacolyl methylphosphonochloridate 7040-57-5 145983 CWC 1B12 WA ML7 c.4
Nerve agents Amiton: O,O-Diethyl S-[2-(diethylamino)ethyl] phosphorothiolate 78-53-5 6542 CWC 2A1
Choking agents PFIB: 1,1,3,3,3-Pentafluoro-2-(trifluoromethyl)-1-propene 382-21-8 61109 CWC 2A2
Central incapacitants BZ: 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate (*) 6581-06-2 23056 CWC 2A3 WA ML7 b.3.a
Precursor Chemicals, except for those listed in Schedule 1, containing a phosphorus atom to which is bonded one methyl, ethyl or propyl (normal or iso) group but not further carbon atoms, CR0010 CWC 2B4
Precursor Methylphosphonyl dichloride (AG: Methylphosphonyl dichloride (DC)) 676-97-1 12671 CWC 2B4 Example 1 AG 5
Precursor Dimethyl methylphosphonate 756-79-6 12958 CWC 2B4 Example 2 AG 3
Precursor O-Ethyl S-phenyl ethylphosphonothiolothionate 944-22-9 13676 CWC 2B4 Exception 1
Precursor Diethyl ethylphosphonate 78-38-6 6534 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 17
Precursor Ethylphosphinyl dichloride 1498-40-4 15157 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 21
Precursor Ethylphosphonyl dichloride 1066-50-8 70596 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 22
Precursor Methylphosphinyl dichloride 676-83-5 61194 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 26
Precursor Diethyl methylphosphonite 15715-41-0 85063 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 33
Precursor Dimethyl ethylphosphonate 6163-75-3 521983 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 34
Precursor Ethylphosphinyl difluoride 430-78-4 23280220 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 35
Precursor Methylphosphinyl difluoride 753-59-3 136565 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 36
Precursor Methylphosphonic acid 993-13-5 13818 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 55
Precursor Diethyl methylphosphonate 683-08-9 12685 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 56
Precursor Methylphosphonothioic dichloride 676-98-2 61195 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B4 AG 63
Precursor N,N-Dialkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) phosphoramidic dihalides CR00011 CWC 2B5
Precursor N,N-Dimethylaminophosphoryl dichloride 677-43-0 12673 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B5 AG 57
Precursor Dialkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) N,N-dialkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr)-phosphoramidates CR00012 CWC 2B6
Precursor Diethyl N,N-dimethylphosphoramidate 2404-03-7 520087 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B6 AG 18
Precursor Arsenic trichloride 7784-34-1 24570 CWC 2B7 AG 31
Precursor 2,2-Diphenyl-2-hydroxyacetic acid (AG: Benzilic Acid) 76-93-7 6463 CWC 2B8 AG 32
Precursor Quinuclidin-3-ol 1619-34-7 15381 CWC 2B9 AG 13
Precursor N,N-Dialkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) aminoethyl-2-chlorides and corresponding protonated salts CR00013 CWC 2B10
Precursor N,N-Diisopropyl-(beta)-aminoethyl chloride 96-79-7 7312 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B10 AG 11
Precursor N,N-Diisopropyl-2-aminoethyl chloride hydrochloride 4261-68-1 77942 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B10 AG 54
Precursor N,N-Dialkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) aminoethane-2-ols and corresponding protonated salts CR00014 CWC 2B11
Precursor N,N-Dimethylaminoethanol and corresponding protonated salts 108-01-0 7902 CWC 2B11 Exception 1
Precursor N,N-Diethylaminoethanol and corresponding protonated salts (AG: Diethylaminoethanol) 100-37-8 7497 CWC 2B11 Exception 2 AG 49
Precursor N,N-Diisopropyl-(beta)-amino-ethanol 96-80-0 7313 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B11 AG 27
Precursor N,N-Dialkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) aminoethane-2-thiols and corresponding protonated salts CR00015 CWC 2B12
Precursor N,N-Diisopropyl-(beta)-aminoethane thiol 5842-07-9 111102 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B12 AG 12
Precursor N,N-Diisopropylaminoethanethiol hydrochloride 41480-75-5 3084829 Not listed individually but member of family CWC 2B12 AG 65
Precursor Thiodiglycol: Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)sulfide (AG: Thiodiglycol) 111-48-8 5447 CWC 2B13 AG 1
Precursor Pinacolyl alcohol: 3,3-Dimethylbutan-2-ol (AG: Pinacolyl alcohol) 464-07-3 10045 CWC 2B14 AG 28
Choking agents Phosgene: Carbonyl dichloride 75-44-5 6371 CWC 3A1
Blood agents Cyanogen chloride 506-77-4 10477 CWC 3A2
Blood agents Hydrogen cyanide 74-90-8 768 CWC 3A3
Choking agents Chloropicrin: Trichloronitromethane 76-06-2 6423 CWC 3A4
Precursor Phosphorus oxychloride 10025-87-3 24813 CWC 3B5 AG 2
Precursor Phosphorus trichloride 7719-12-2 24387 CWC 3B6 AG 7
Precursor Phosphorus pentachloride 10026-13-8 24819 CWC 3B7 AG 38
Precursor Trimethyl phosphite 121-45-9 8472 CWC 3B8 AG 8
Precursor Triethyl phosphite 122-52-1 31215 CWC 3B9 AG 30
Precursor Dimethyl phosphite 868-85-9 6327114 CWC 3B10 AG 6
Precursor Diethyl phosphite 762-04-9 6327654 CWC 3B11 AG 19
Precursor Sulfur monochloride 10025-67-9 24807 CWC 3B12 AG 51
Precursor Sulfur dichloride 10545-99-0 25353 CWC 3B13 AG 52
Precursor Thionyl chloride 7719-09-7 24386 CWC 3B14 AG 9
Precursor Ethyldiethanolamine 139-87-7 8769 CWC 3B15 AG 59
Precursor Methyldiethanolamine 105-59-9 7767 CWC 3B16
Precursor Triethanolamine 102-71-6 7618 CWC 3B17 AG 46
Precursor 3-Hydroxy-1-methylpiperidine 3554-74-3 98016 AG 10
Precursor Potassium fluoride 7789-23-3 522689 AG 14
Precursor 2-Chloroethanol 107-07-3 34 AG 15
Precursor Dimethylamine 124-40-3 674 AG 16
Precursor Dimethylamine hydrochloride 506-59-2 10473 AG 20
Precursor Hydrogen fluoride 7664-39-3 14917 AG 24
Precursor Methyl benzilate 76-89-1 66159 AG 25
Precursor 3-Quinuclidone 3731-38-2 19507 AG 37
Precursor Pinacolone 75-97-8 6416 AG 39
Precursor Potassium cyanide 151-50-8 9032 AG 40
Precursor Potassium bifluoride 7789-29-9 11829350 AG 41
Precursor Ammonium bifluoride 1341-49-7 14935 AG 42
Precursor Sodium bifluoride 1333-83-1 219061 AG 43
Precursor Sodium fluoride 7681-49-4 5235 AG 44
Precursor Sodium cyanide 143-33-9 8929 AG 45
Precursor Phosphorus pentasulphide 1314-80-3 14817 AG 47
Precursor Diisopropylamine 108-18-9 7912 AG 48
Precursor Sodium sulphide 1313-82-2 237873 AG 50
Precursor Triethanolamine hydrochloride 637-39-8 101814 AG 53
Precursor Triisopropyl phosphite 116-17-6 8304 AG 58
Precursor O,O-Diethyl phosphorothioate 2465-65-8 655 AG 60
Precursor O,O-Diethyl phosphorodithioate 298-06-6 9274 AG 61
Precursor Sodium hexafluorosilicate 16893-85-9 28127 AG 62
Precursor Diethylamine 109-89-7 8021 AG 64
Precursor Methyl dichlorophosphate 677-24-7 69611 AG 66
Precursor Ethyl Dichlorophosphate 1498-51-7 15158 AG 67
Precursor Methyl Difluorophosphate 22382-13-4 123401 AG 68
Precursor Ethyl Difluorophosphate 460-52-6 120250 AG 69
Precursor Diethyl Chlorophosphite 589-57-1 68530 AG 70
Precursor Methyl Chlorofluorophosphate 754-01-8 23418492 AG 71
Precursor Ethyl Chlorofluorophosphate 762-77-6 23416048 AG 72
Precursor N,N-Dimethylformamidine 44205-42-7 12669390 AG 73
Precursor N,N-Diethylformamidine 90324-67-7 17912027 AG 74
Precursor N,N-Dipropylformamidine 48044-20-8 87832225 AG 75
Precursor N,N-Diisopropylfromamidine 857522-08-8 19782034 AG 76
Precursor N,N-Dimethylacetamidine 2909-14-0 6394935 AG 77
Precursor N,N-Diethylacetamidine 14277-06-6 4243241 AG 78
Precursor N,N-Dipropylacetamidine 1339586-99-0 62047941 AG 79
Precursor N,N-Dimethylpropanamidine 56776-14-8 12375523 AG 80
Precursor N,N-Diethylpropanamidine 84764-73-8 13109962 AG 81
Precursor N,N-Dipropylpropanamidine 1341496-89-6 62047942 AG 82
Precursor N,N-Dimethylbutanamidine 1340437-35-5 17928752 AG 83
Precursor N,N-Diethylbutanamidine 53510-30-8 57106491 AG 84
Precursor N,N-Dipropylbutanamidine 1342422-35-8 62048118 AG 85
Precursor N,N-Diisopropylbutanamidine 1315467-17-4 101801650 AG 86
Precursor N,N-Dimethylisobutanamidine 321881-25-8 21623186 AG 87
Defoliants Butyl 2-chloro-4-fluorophenoxyacetate (LNF) 1692-85-9 54941708 WA ML7 b.4.a
Defoliants 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid mixed with 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (Agent Orange)

Note: this is the entry name given in ML7

Note: this CAS Registry Number® is not given in ML7 but can be inferred from the name given in ML7
24683 WA ML7 b.4.b Free Acid Form
Defoliants 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid butyl ester mixed with 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid butyl ester (Agent Orange)

Note: this name is not given in ML7 but can inferred from the CAS Registry Number® given in ML7 (39277-47-9)

Note: this is the entry CAS Registry Number® given in ML7
38264 WA ML7 b.4.b Butyl Ester Form
Defoliants 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid 93-76-5 1480 WA ML7 b.4.b Component 1
Defoliants 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid 94-75-7 1486 WA ML7 b.4.b Component 2
Riot control agents α-Bromobenzeneacetonitrile, (Bromobenzyl cyanide) (CA) 5798-79-8 22044 WA ML7 d.1
Riot control agents [(2-chlorophenyl) methylene] propanedinitrile, (o-Chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile) (CS) 2698-41-1 17604 WA ML7 d.2
Riot control agents 2-Chloro-1-phenylethanone, Phenylacyl chloride (ω-chloroacetophenone) (CN) 532-27-4 10757 WA ML7 d.3
Riot control agents Dibenz-(b,f)-1,4-oxazephine, (CR) 257-07-8 WA ML7 d.4
Riot control agents 10-Chloro-5,10-dihydrophenarsazine, (Phenarsazine chloride), (Adamsite), (DM) 578-94-9 11362 WA ML7 d.5
Riot control agents N-Nonanoylmorpholine, (MPA) 5299-64-9 79182 WA ML7 d.6