The Australia Group (AG) is an informal coalition of likeminded states committed to preventing the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons.

To foster the harmonization of export controls, the AG has compiled the “Chemical Weapons Precursors”, which is a list of chemicals that can be used as precursors for the synthesis of chemical warfare agents.

The AG Chemical Weapons Precursors list comprises a total of 65 chemicals, all of which are explicitly listed as individual chemicals (no families of chemicals).

Of the 65 AG chemicals, 40 are also listed in Part B of one of the three CWC schedules, either as individual chemicals, or in virtue of being comprised in one of the families of chemicals listed in the CWC schedules.

This site is under construction! The table will be updated soon to include structures for each entry, SMILE identifiers, as well as downloadable 2D structures in SDF and MRV format.

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