We have curated the lists of chemicals of CW-proliferation concern contained in the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Australia Group, and the Wassenaar Arrangement. Moreover, we have curated the list of strategic chemicals contained in Annex V of the Strategic Trade Control Enforcement Implementation Guide of the World Customs Organization and the Syria-related list of dual-use chemicals of concern featured in Council Regulation (EU) 36/2012.

We have annotated said lists with chemical structures (exact structures for individual chemicals and Markush structures for families of chemicals), structural identifiers (SMILES, InChI, and InChiKey), as well as links to PubChem and NIST Chemistry WebBook cards.

We have also annotated the tables with information that highlights the overlaps within the various lists, noting for each entry of each list whether that chemical is covered by one or more additional lists, either as an individual chemical or as a member of a family of chemicals. Importantly, to further highlight overlaps and differences between the lists, we also provide a synoptic table in which all the lists are provided side-by-side on one page.

This work has been done within the scope of the Stimson Center’s Cheminformatics project, a collaborative project involving the Stimson Center’s Partnership in Proliferation Prevention’s Program and the Costanzi Research Group at American University. We gratefully acknowledge financial support from Global Affairs Canada.