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@dstlmod I look forward to participating in the CWD conference and presenting the work I am doing in collaboration with the Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention program at Stimson. We are grateful to Global Affairs Canada for the support @RichardCupitt @gregkoblentz @GPWMDofficial

Not managed to get your abstract in on time?

Then today is your lucky day…

Deadline for submissions to the International Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation (#CWD) Conference has been extended to January 22 --->

@AUcollege Very excited for the opportunity to work on this project with the Stimson Center's Partnership in Proliferation Prevention program. We are very grateful to Global Affairs Canada for supporting this research. @RichardCupitt @gregkoblentz @GPWMDofficial

Lists of #Chemical Warfare Agents and Precursors from International Nonproliferation Frameworks: Structural Annotation and Chemical Fingerprint #Analysis

#October_issue #Chemical_Information

Do you manufacture portable equipment to sample, detect, identify or monitor chemicals?

Do you provide innovative decontamination or protection solutions?

Demo your kit at Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation Conference and reach international audiences

This is an action-packed double issue. Special treat: read about 4 @ScharSchool BIOD students who attended the
Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties course. Big thanks to @DEVCOM_ChemBio @usamrdc for this amazing opportunity.

How are innovations in the life sciences impacting international security and disarmament? Check out our 2020 Innovations Dialogue report to find out.

20-odd National Statements are online for next week's #OPCW #CSP25, so we can get ahead of the curve. We are still (eagerly) awaiting some of the heavyweights though: China, Russia, Syria, Iran, the USA, and South Africa are still all to come.


Twenty-Fifth Session of the Conference of States Parties


Folks, it's that time of the year again: my #OPCW Conference of States Parties live blog begins! Although a little different due to #Covid19, I will endeavour to capture the highs and lows of #CSP25, especially as none of us can be inside the @WorldForum_ [thread]

Thanks to @gregkoblentz w/ @JPZanders, @s_costanzi & Prof Malcolm Dando for a technical analysis of #OPCW policy and chemistry. Open, expert CWC-focused talks on regime governance have been limited of late, yet sorely needed. Really appreciated, and hopefully more soon.

Nov 17: The Resurgent Chemical Weapons Threat: Current Challenges to the Chemical Weapon Convention mt @PandoraReport @s_costanzi @JPZanders @gregkoblentz @ScharSchool

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