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In two weeks from now the Member States of the @OPCW will assemble in The Hague for #CSP24. On the agenda are proposals to add new nerve agents to Schedule 1 of the Annex on Chemicals. What would be the practical consequences of such additions? A thread...

The annual report on the activities that we've carried out in support of the #1972BWC in 2019 is now available in all UN languages. It also provides info on the Cooperation & Assistance Database and the submission of annual CBMs - #un

UNSC will hold its monthly meeting on Syria’s use of #ChemicalWeapons. Director-General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (#OPCW), Fernando Arias, is expected to brief Council members.

@JPZanders @s_costanzi @OPCW According to the Verification Annex (all regulated in part VI) there are more possibilities than just the single small scale facility for synthesis (look at part C 10-12 (other facilities)). 100g threshold of particular interest. National implementations laws of key importance.

@JPZanders @OPCW I also agree that, given the obvious purpose of compounds of such toxicity, their development, production, stockpiling etc. is prohibited by the CWC. Adding Novichoks to Schedule 1 will have the effect of officially establishing that they don’t have legitimate purposes.

@JPZanders @OPCW I am 100% in agreement with you that Novichoks are not dual use chemicals! Hopefully, they’ll make it into Schedule 1, where they belong.

@JPZanders @OPCW Absolutely. But dual use chemicals can be developed, produced, stockpiled etc. for purposes not prohibited by the #ChemicalWeapons Convention. Schedule 1 chemicals cannot.

@JPZanders @OPCW Yes, that’s exactly it. By being added to Schedule 1, Novichoks will be categorized as being exclusively chemical weapons.

@JPZanders @OPCW It is also true, however, that the ban imposed on Schedule 1 chemicals by the #ChemicalWeapons Convention goes far beyond the prohibition of their use. States will only be able to retain small quantities of these agents for chemical defense or medical research.

@JPZanders Indeed. The intentional use of any toxic chemical against humans or animals is banned by the #ChemicalWeapons Convention. @OPCW

Interesting title.
It is already banned under the General Purpose Criterion of the #ChemicalWeapons Convention.
After the reports that the CWC does not ban chlorine, it looks like we will have to start telling journalists all over again that the Schedules do not define CWC scope.

Stefano Costanzi on Twitter

“Poison used in recent attack on Russian spy may soon be banned”

If @OPCW/ CWC states ban Novichoks next month—as @TheNonProReview board member @gregkoblentz & @s_costanzi advised—it would be "a historic milestone" Koblentz says in @sciencemagazine, explaining why the deadly agent had evaded prohibition, until now.

Poison used in recent attack on Russian spy may soon be banned

“Novichoks” are set to come under the chemical weapons treaty

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